Janine gladfelter gresham city council candidate walking in downtown gresham

Janine Gladfelter
Your Gresham City Councilor

For over 6 years Janine Gladfelter has served on your Gresham City Council. This role is not a stepping stone to a larger political career, it is the role she wants to keep to continue representing the interests of the Gresham families.

As the granddaughter of Italian immigrants, Janine has never taken for granted the freedom and opportunity America offers. Her parents continued to embrace American opportunities and started a family restaurant–it wasn’t long before Janine was able to pitch in. At the age of 13, she waited tables at the family restaurant with her four brothers and sisters. During that time she experienced and witnessed the hard work and responsibilities of providing for families, owning a business, creating jobs, and supporting the community.

These are ideals Janine brought with her when she made Gresham her home 19 years ago. Leading up to her role as a city councilwoman, Janine has served the community through several organizations. She has volunteered in the Rotary, and the Salvation Army. She also served on the city’s Finance and Community Development Block Grant committees.

Today Janine serves you on the city council with common sense solutions that have the greatest impact on Gresham’s communities. Upon reelection, Janine will continue to shape policies that make Gresham a place you can be proud to call your home.

Janine Gladfelter gresham city council candidate with mr gresham
Janine Gladfelter with Mr. Gresham

“Gresham has always come together in tough times; I believe we can come together again through these times as well. I will work hard and bring common sense in decision making, and budget making and work with the community to create a sustainable long-term financial plan and restore safety”

Janine Gladfelter is your current Gresham City Councilwoman. She is currently running for re-election as your Gresham City Council candidate.

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