Fire & First Responders

When disaster strikes, be it a 5 alarm fire or motorcycle accident, we must ensure emergency services are well staffed and funded for the mission. It is the hallmark of a well-run community when its citizens can count on the fire trucks to be there when the seconds count. Janine will fight to expand the resources available to our firefighters so that our community can sleep easier at night knowing that they’ll be there when it matters most.

What We’ve Done

  • Allocated $5.2 million of federal ARPA funds used to support public safety.
  • Hiring incentives for Police officers and six non-sworn police department positions
  • Supported expansion of the Police Mental Health/Services Coordination Team to add two new clinicians.
  • Supported an additional four firefighter limited-term positions.
  • $1 million Federal ARPA funds toward the youth violence prevention Program.
  • Supported funds to support community-based organizations that provide services for youth.
  • Fought to ensure Gresham led the region in getting $500,000 ARPA grants to small businesses quickly during COVID to protect jobs during shutdowns.
  • Led the way for continued incentive programs for small and large companies, extended the garage to storefront program, and supported the enterprise zone program which creates higher wage jobs and training programs for Gresham’s residents.

Janine Gladfelter is your current Gresham City Councilwoman. She is currently running for re-election as your Gresham City Council candidate.

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